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Name: Andrew Kim Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 15 May 2007 05:42:52 GMT

Comment: My deepest sympathies go out to Chris' family and friends. As a member of Eugene and Springfield's Readin' in the Rain one book program, it was an honor to get a peek into his life, as well as share his story with our community. Know that hundreds of people here in our cities welcomed his story into our lives and will grieve his passing.

Name: Amy beller Email:
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Country: UNITED STATES  IP Address:  Date: 15 May 2007 19:10:41 GMT

Comment: Thank you so much for putting up the website. I heard Chris read a couple of years ago, before I had finished reading the first edition (actually having it read to me). I was the person in the audience who asked the inevitible question that let us all know that B had died. I have since read and re-read the book and am so delighted to get to see your videos of Chris with his beloved B. Thank you again, and may your heart be at peace.

Name: Jackie Melvin Email: 
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Country: EUGENE!  IP Address:  Date: 15 May 2007 22:15:37 GMT

Comment: I was one of many people who heard Chris read several years ago, for the Lane Literary Guild, at the main library in Eugene. We were laughing our heads off, and sniffling with poignant feeling, and also responding to his big intellect/ philosopher's mind. Several of us commented later that he himself seemed bird-like, in a way that was quite wonderful, natural. I'm so grateful that his life-full, smart, compassionate story made it to the printed page.

Name: Kristy Athens Email:
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Country: UNITED STATES  IP Address:  Date: 3 Jun 2007 17:17:38 GMT

Comment: Hi, I was schocked and saddened to read of Chris's untimely passing. I ran the Oregon Book Awards when Chris was nominated and got to know him a bit when he participated in the OBA Author Tour that went to Eugene and North Bend. We shared breakfast at the Pancake Mill in Coos Bay and I was intrigued by his shy exterior that obviously thinly veiled a much more complex core. I always meant to keep in touch with him but am sensitive about bothering the authors. Now I wish I had bothered him ...

Name: Leanne Grabel Email:
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 4 Jun 2007 00:07:14 GMT

Comment: Knew Chris through poetry open mikes, way back. Then remember the recent book award, seeing him after so long. And now gone. Words do live on. L

Name: Lee Ratcliffe Email:
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 5 Jun 2007 05:30:10 GMT

Comment: I was shocked and saddened today when my friend called to tell me that Chris Chester had died. His book, Providence of a Sparrow is one of my all-time favorites. I had been meaning to write to him for some time, but didn't want to be annoying. How I wish I had written. What a wonderful man he seemed to be. His beautiful story will live on in the hearts of all who read it.

Name: Barbra Crowe Email:
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 6 Jun 2007 20:15:17 GMT

Comment: I had the priveledge of meeting Chris in San Fransisco at a reading, having already gotten a lovely signed copy of his book, through Rebecca whom I also had the priveledge to meet in person, after meeting her online on a sparrow message board. I send nothing but healing vibes to his family and friendsBarbra

Name: Tommy Lewis Email:
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Country: UNITED STATES  IP Address:  Date: 7 Jun 2007 20:50:00 GMT

Comment: I'm a newcomer to the world of Chris Chester. I was initiated by the wonderful article, The Sorrow and the Sparrow, by Inara Verzemnieks, in the 6/3/07 O Sect. of the Oregonian. My condolences to you and your family, Marc! Not only does the word live on but also all the good that Chris did for The Bird Species! Thanks for setting up the web site!

Name: Nancy Ragghianti Email:
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Country: EUGENE, OR, USA  IP Address:  Date: 10 Jun 2007 20:13:30 GMT

Comment: I just read in today's Register Guard of Chris's death, and I'm so very sad. I'd been hoping he would write more books, as I love his writing style. I'm so sorry for your loss, and it's a great loss for all of us.

Name: Victoria Koch Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 11 Jun 2007 16:44:34 GMT

Comment: I was so sad to hear of Chris Chester's passing. My heart goes out to Rebecca and to his family. I was one of the fortunate ones who got to hear Chris read from Providence of a Sparrow at a Willamette Writers Literary event several years before the book became a Reading in the Rain selection. I was absolutely mesmerized by Chris and his book. What a thoughtful man of pure heart and soul. I feel blessed to have his book and his words on my shelf.

Name: Ann Herrick Email:
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Country: EUGENE, OREGON  IP Address:  Date: 12 Jun 2007 02:15:34 GMT

Comment: I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about the passing of Chris Chester. My deepest sympathy. I read Providence of a Sparrow just this spring, as part of Readin' in the Rain and was very touched by the book and the author. I had planned to attend the appearance he had scheduled in February that he had to cancel. I will never be able to hear him give a talk now, but I can and do spread the word about his wonderful book.

Name: Mandy Clark Email: 
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Country: PORTLAND  IP Address:  Date: 12 Jun 2007 04:31:47 GMT

Comment: .

Name: Wendy C. Fries Email: 
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Country: 20 MILES OUT OF EUGENE, USA  IP Address:  Date: 12 Jun 2007 17:18:32 GMT

Comment: It's too late for me to thank Chris Chester for his beautiful book, so I thank you Marc, for this lovely site devoted to his memory.

Name: Cindy Harris Email:
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 12 Jun 2007 17:19:21 GMT

Comment: Chris Chester seemed like a close friend by the time I completed The Providence of a Sparrow. I have continually passed the book, one of my all time favorites, on to at least five others, whom, I believe, have been similarly affected by, not just the story of B, but by Chris's desire and ability to share his life. His passing is perhaps more widely grieved than his family can know, and I convey my profoundest sympathies to Rebecca and other family members. Thank you for the opportunity to express these thoughts to you!

Name: Gay Kramer-Dodd Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 12 Jun 2007 17:46:03 GMT

Comment: Thank you for the website, to learn a bit more about the man who helped me see birds in a new light. I loved his book and appreciate so much what he did for birds.

Name: Erinn Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 13 Jun 2007 17:42:16 GMT

Comment: There is a small built-in bookcase in my entry room containing the books I love and will always keep. Providence of a Sparrow lives there. Thanks to Chris Chester for such a marvelous story. Wishes of comfort to his family.

Name: Chris Vietmeier Email:
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 14 Jun 2007 04:41:38 GMT

Comment: I am one of many who felt shock and sadness on reading the article in the Oregonian. I have recommended Providence of a Sparrow to so many customers in our little store in St. Helens but also have had the privledge to meet him a couple of times, once when he came out to the St. Helens Book Shop for a reading and the second was when he spoke to a group at the Powells Hawthorne store. Each time he talked about B he held us in his hands and we listened so intently to his reading, always wanting more stories. Marvelous writer. Thank you for putting up this site.

Name: Pam (& Rick) Moon Email:
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 15 Jun 2007 04:25:20 GMT

Comment: I special-ordered Providence of a Sparrow right after it came out, as a gift for my husband, Rick. I could tell from the Book Review I happened to see that he would enjoy it. Little did I know how much! I have never, before or since, heard him laugh so hard while reading a book or explain passages to me with more excitement and animation. In my turn, I too read about and fell in love with B and Chris. We are so saddened to hear of his passing, but the gift he left behind will go on and on.

Name: Sam Gelman Email:
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 26 Jun 2007 22:09:16 GMT

Comment: I read Chris' book. I wanted to contact him & thank him for touching my heart. Then I learned of his passing. I cried as if I had lost a dear friend, not only because I too had raised a sparrow but because the world is much diminished without Chris' presence. I wish I could have told him how much I loved his writing. I wish I could have met him & shook his hand. I wish I could have been his friend and helped him in some way. My love & support go out to his family and friends.

Name: Terry Standley Email:
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Country: EUGENE, OR-USA  IP Address:  Date: 29 Jun 2007 06:59:08 GMT

Comment: I'm almost finished with the incredible book and was deeply saddened by the news of Chris's death. I've always loved animals, and especially birds, but now I'll never be able to look at House Sparrows the same way. We are all truly connected. I hope Chris and B are together-love like that never dies.

Name: Tom Cooke Email:
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 16 Aug 2007 18:07:45 GMT

Comment: I was deeply moved by Chris's book and saddened to learn of what followed B's death. I'm glad Chris had friends to be there for him, despite the outcome. From what I've read in his book, I don't think Chris had a personal religious faith, but I believe he had grasped, was reaching for, something beyond this world, incarnated and intimated through B. I hope, pray that Chris and those close to him can know the fulness of what life with B points to. There are no ordinary people, or birds (CS Lewis)

Name: Susan Shirley Email:
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 7 Sep 2007 04:09:19 GMT

Comment: Thank you so much for having this website. My heartfelt sympathy to you all. I just finished reading Chris's book, and it was an experience I will never forget. How heartbreaking and what a terrible loss, that he is gone.

Name: Kat Anderson Email:
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Country: USA - BEN LOMOND, CA  IP Address:  Date: 2 Oct 2008 06:12:42 GMT

Comment: I was shocked when I was doing some web searches to see if Chris had published another book, instead to hear of his passing. I am so very sorry. I was so moved by his book. I absolutely loved it and I was depressed for days when I had, in the book, learned of B's fate. And now Chris'. I hope you and your family are well. Chris has left a wonderful legacy in his book. I am sorry of his passing. It's wonderful that you have put this website together. Thank you.

Name: Deborah Z. Lee Email:
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Country: STATI UNITI (USA)  IP Address:  Date: 8 Dec 2008 05:50:16 GMT

Comment: I miss Chris almost every day. I'm not sure I realized how much he was a part of my life. I think of things he's said, done, laughed about; people we knew. We were old friends, and, by the time his book was published, reunited in Multnomah Village at a reading of his book. It's sad to know I'll never see him again. I loved Chris. I'm glad we had a few moments over coffee just weeks before his untimely death. Now that I have a bird, Chris is often in my thoughts. All the best, old chap.

Name: Jennifer Vaisman Email:
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 5 Jan 2009 07:13:18 GMT

Comment: Belated sympathies. I bought six copies of this book to distribute to friends, all of whom were touched as profoundly as I. This world is a little less special without Chris Chester in it but a little more special having had him in it!

Name: Jayne Kelleher Email:
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 26 Jan 2009 00:05:56 GMT

Comment: I just finished reading Chris' book and was so touched. I love sparrows and my backyard is filled with feeders. Chris' book touched me deeply and I went on line to try and contact him and was saddened to learn of his death. I hope that Rebecca as well as the birds he left behind are doing okay. I will recommend Chris' book to my friends; it was wonderful, and I will miss reading it every day. My love and best wishes to the Chester family and I will always hold a special place in my heart for the smallest of creatures. Chris shared my affections. Sincerely, Jayne Kelleher

Name: Stacy Alexander Email:
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 7 Apr 2009 01:47:16 GMT

Comment: I just found out today, April 6, 2009, about Chris' death. I just finished his book a few weeks ago, then sent it to my daughter, Sarah, in Portland who is reading it now. We both loved it. Everyone I know who has read it loved it. I am so sorry for the tremendous loss this must be for his family and friends. I know it is a great one for the world. Stacy Alexander

Name: Patricia Bowness Email:
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Country: MEXICO  IP Address:  Date: 24 Apr 2009 20:37:56 GMT

Comment: I just read Providence of a Sparrow and loved it, and now I that I learn that Chris has died, I feel the loss. So much of what he wrote in the book seemed to reflect my own feelings, but expressed so much more poetically than I could ever do. Thank you for the website Marc.

Name: April Johnson Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 22 Jul 2011 23:32:25 GMT

Comment: I too have a house sparrow for a pet... Tweety, who I raised from an infant, is the best companion I've ever had! I was thrilled to find "Providence" and I have given numerous copies out; recently, I tried to order several new copies and was told it it now out of print. Is that true? I certainly hope not, as I was planning on giving out many more. Please let me know... and thank you for keeping this website and his name alive! He is one of my heros!!!

Name: Kathi Email: 
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Country: FREDERICK, MARYLAND  Date: 13 Aug 2011 14:34:32 GMT

Comment: I was given this book by a very good friend, Laura, a bird lover and rehabilitator. I was instantly enchanted by the story of B, Chris and Rebecca. Chris is one of those rare, tender souls from whom we can learn so much about the joys of the small, living things that can enrich our lives immeasurably. I am grateful that he wrote his "one book" and was able to share such a delightful and important part of his life with the rest of us. The world is a richer place because of him. RIP Chris.

Name: Suzie DeGrasse Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UNITED STATES  Date: 5 Sep 2011 16:31:07 GMT

Comment: The story of Chris Chester, which I learned through a recent reading of his book, touched me on different levels-his battle with the demons of depression and his love for a sparrow. 4 years after his death he still affects strangers, and I want you to know he truly will not be forgotten.

Name: Nik Email:
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Country: US  Date: 5 Oct 2011 14:46:30 GMT

Comment: Thanks for keeping this memorial to Chris alive. "Providence of a Sparrow" is one of the best books I've ever read ... I've given away a dozen copies. Can you acquire and post the video alluded to in the Oregonian article; i.e., "At the offices of Literary Arts, ..., they still have a videotape of that night, nearly four years ago now, and you watch it one recent morning: watch, on the edge of your seat - ...- as a man emerges from the dimness to take the flower-crowded stage."

Name: Stephen Rice Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 9 Jan 2012 16:54:25 GMT

Comment: I have rescued and cared for many birds in my life and just today my starling of 8 years died; so I'm returning to Christopher's book to be consoled. I first read Providence of a Sparrow the year before Christopher died. Now, I'm rereading this heart-rending book with a broken heart of my own.....Thank you, Marc, for this web site....Sincerely, Stephen Rice.

Name: Marcia Mueller Email:
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Country: US  Date: 15 Jan 2012 00:55:07 GMT

Comment: My niece gave me his book, a real gem, for Christmas. What an inspiring story--a baby sparrow rescued by a kind man and they enrich each other's lives. The resulting book is their gift to the reader. I'm so grateful that Chris and B's story will continue but am so sad that Chris is no longer with us. I would like to think that they are together again now.

Name: Jan Messersmith Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: U.S.A  Date: 16 Mar 2012 06:55:01 GMT

Comment: If anyone knows the present whereabouts of Rebecca, my wife and I would love to get in touch with her. We have also raised a house sparrow from the unopened eye stage to adulthood. We just stumbled upon the book and were teary-eyed reading it because of the many similarities. Our home phone # is 541-568-4305. Our Bird is named Ralph. Thank You, J M

Name: Geoffrey P. Campbell Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: UNITED STATES  Date: 30 Jun 2012 21:03:24 GMT

Comment: Dear Mark,I wept with sadness over Chris's passing. I will read over again his book when ever I need to laugh or to be moved with compassion. Now I think and feel different about the lowly sparrow, and I am a better person having read "The Sparrow." Of all the books that I possess, which are substantial in number, it is Chris's book that is my treasure.

Name: Nancy Rees Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: UNITED STATES  Date: 3 Jul 2012 13:08:43 GMT

Comment: When I read Chris's book, the award winning "Providence of a Sparrow" I wasn't expecting much, but found it to be the most charming book I have read so far. Discovering he died shocked me, and I cried, what a loss, such an amazing person. What it must have been to have known him personally. The world is a much lesser place without him, but forever people will be blessed who are fortunate to discover and read his book, written with his heart on his sleeve.

Name: Preston Briggs Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: USA  Date: 8 Aug 2012 17:12:39 GMT

Comment: I had read Chris's book many years ago and was recently going to recommend it to a friend. Prompted to search the web, I discovered Chris had died several years ago. Such a loss...

Name: Melanie Email:
Welcome Page:  
Country: ENGLAND  Date: 18 Dec 2012 19:13:11 GMT

Comment: A little house sparrow fell into my life,She turned seven on the 09/07 this year and she has changed my life in a way i could not relate to until i read your uncle's book. I named her Mortimer. I got on the internet to try to find Chris and tell him all about her and that he would be most welcome here to meet her and she would lie down in his palm, just as B did. I wish i could have met him, Please know that this man will be remembered by this complete stranger and her little sparrow xxxxx

Happy Birthday, Chris!
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